OH3: UI or text files?

I have an OH2 instance that is currently running fine, but I am also looking at OH3. I have some rules in OH2 for my motion sensor and actions based on presence.

The UI in OH3 seems a bit better than in OH2, though I see in my OH3 instance that there is /etc/openhab that has directories for rules, items, things, etc.

I know in OH2, the general wisdom was to use the UI to add your Things, but then use the text files for everything else (Items, rules, etc.). Is this still a bit of a preference in OH3? I was able to add Things OK, create groups, and even create a Sematic Model, but when i go to look at rules, the options still seem a bit simpler.

For example, in my OH2, I have a rule for my motin sensor in the master bedroom to turn on the lights if it detects motion, and if there is no motion after five minutes, it turns the lights off. Every time motion is detected, it restarts the 5-minute timer from that point. I am not sure I see a way to replicate that in the UI for the Rules (though admittedly, the UI for the Rules does seem fairly robut with the ability to add multiple conditions of various types)

Use the UI

You can create a rule nearly the same as your old one you may need to make changes either way.

MainUI: Things, items
Text files: rules

because MainUI does not do any syntax checking when saving. It gives out just a generic error message

I suggest reading the docs.

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