OH3 url Image won't display

Version: OH3.1.4 Milestone

Problem: Can’t get a Meteogram weather image to display when the item is clicked from inside a UI card.
The image DOES display if I click item by drilling down via the model tree. Also it DOES display if I click the item from the items list on side bar.
Have attached screenshots which should be self explanatory. They show correct item definition & type & web frame card image widget used and location card
and url from Norway site filled in etc. Weird issue seems to be that when I click on the ‘meteogram’ item INSIDE THE CARD, I get a blank screen with a little box in the centre because the address bar seems to be getting filled in with a bizarre url ending of “/#!/photos/”.
It doesn’t matter whether I do this locally on the actual computer hosting OH or whether I login from another computer on same LAN. This strange ending in the target url is happening. I thought it should just go to the item which has the url and pulls the weather image? Perhaps I totally misunderstand something? All this was easy-peasy in OH2 sitemaps with an ‘image’ item and with 1 line of code.
It’s driving me nuts! Can anyone advise please? Thanks in advance.

Outside location card

Bizarre url gets filled in