OH3 version scheme


According to the release page on Github I can identify the following OH3 releases:

Apr 21 - 3.0.2
Apr 21 - 3.1.0 M3
Feb 21 - 3.1.0 M2
Jan 21 - 3.1.0 M1
Jan 21 - 3.0.1
Dec 20 - 3.0.0

Is 3.1.0 M1 based on 3.0.1 or 3.0.0?
Is 3.0.2 based on 3.0.1 or 3.1.0 M3?

Sorry for the questions. There might be a known version scheme used but anyway not clear for me.
Thank you.

openHAB is developed with 3 different versions.

During development there are nightly SNAPSHOT builds to test all components together.

After things look reasonably stable there will be a Milestone build to get a larger testing group. As release nears there may be Release Candidate builds in this repo.

About once a year there is a Stable release and development starts with SNAPSHOTS for the next version. Stable versions sometimes have patch releases.

3.0.x is the Stable release with 3.0.2 being the latest patch version.
3.1.0M3 is the latest 3.1.0 Milestone release
There are also nightly 3.1.0-SHAPSHOT releases.I am not sure if they are designated by build number or date.

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Thank you @Bruce_Osborne, that makes it much clearer.

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Everything you said is correct except for the timing. The goal, and as with any goal they are not always reached are:

Version Frequency Current
SNAPSHOT Daily >Build #2336+ (I don’t know how far behind I am)
Milestones Monthly 3.1.0 M3
Release Every 6 months 3.0.2

So OH 3.1 release should happen sometime around late June/early July. There were apparently some problems in March that prevented M3 from being released there so I would expect M4 to be release sometime before the end of May.

The release timing got messed up in the transition from 2.5 to 3.0 but I see every indication that the devs are at least trying to follow this overall release schedule again.

The SNAPSHOTS are indeed defined by a build number which really helps when filing bugs. The SNAPSHOTS are a moving target and should only be run by people willing to do some debugging and filing issues from time to time. You can find the build number in MainUI under “Help and About”. For example I’m currently running openHAB 3.1.0 Build #2336 which is a few days behind I think.


M3 was released at Easter, so M4 could arrive end of April to keep the monthly cycle…

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