OH3 Voice Command stopped working

  • Platform information: Intel Nuc i7
  • Hardware: Vmware/8gb/150gb
  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LT_
  • Java Runtime Environment: Zulu 11.0.11
  • openHAB version: 3.1.0
  • Issue of the topic: Voice Command stopped working

Hi, I tryed to find in the forum, but I did not find anything about OH3 and this issue.
From 2 or 3 days the Voice Command rules stopped working.
When I use the voice command on any Android phone, nothing happens, nothing appears in the log, it’s like if the voice command is not sent at all.

This is the item in default.items:

String VoiceCommand

This is the voicecommand.rules:

rule "Voice control"
    Item VoiceCommand received command
        var String command = VoiceCommand.state.toString.toLowerCase
        logInfo("VOICE COMMAND RECEIVED","VoiceCommand received " + command)
        if (command.contains("power off")  {

The only thing that has changed, but i dont know if it is a coincidence, is that i installed the amazon echo binding, could this have interfered with the voice commands?

Any idea?
Thanks in advance

I doubt that this interferes. Easiest trial would be to deinstall the amazon echo binding.

Thanks for the reply,
I removed amazon echo binding but nothing changes.
In the voice settings I have all fields blank except Rule Based interpreter that is checked and Voice Command item is correctly setted to VoiceCommand item , is it the right configuration?

If I use, in the console, the command

openhab:voice interpret test

It works very well and the item VoiceCommand is triggered correctly.
So, there is a problem from the voice command received from Android phones that seems that it does not arrive at all to the openhab server.
What can I check?