OH3 / VS Code - Things not populating

I’m having a problem with Things not populating in Visual Studio Code.

Ihis worked fine with OH2.5, updated to OH3 and it’s stopped working (retires for some while, eventually reporting an error connecting to the API).

Items populate fine.

Is there anything different I need to configure in VS Code?


I have not used VS Code with OH but I know the REST API now requires authentication either with an API Token or Basic Auth if enabled.

You can enable basic auth fetaure under

https:// youropenhabipadressandport /#!/settings/services/org.openhab.restauth

and user your credentials in the openHAB vscode extension settings which should work for now.

Yay! Many thanks, that worked :slight_smile:

I had the basic auth set (from other forum posts), but didn’t know about needing to put in the opebHAB credentials as well.


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Please note that we will have to adapt the extension in the future, because i would love to have token based athentication instead.

But that needs some bigger efforts due to outdated dependencies we are currently relying on with the rest api part of the extension.

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