[OH3] WebUI: One blurry locations card (others are fine)

Running openhab3.0 on raspi3 using openHABian 1.6.2

I have a strange issue with one(!) of my locations cards:
If I open it, everything is blurry (at least on chrome and edge):


If i then switch to the properties tab of this card, the blur effect is gone (best seen on the item lables)

I have other location cards with devices and properties that do not have this issue.

This is the code of the problematic card:

        - component: oh-location-card
            invertText: false
            backgroundImage: /static/Vorraum_DG_comic.jpg

So i’m not sure what could be the issue here.
Does somebody have any ideas?

Same problem here… the card sometimes blurs and other times not. Each time I reach for my glasses that I am already wearing.

It is somehow related to the browser windows size:
Window maximized on 1080p Monitor:
Everything blurry.
Once I make it a bit smaller:
Everything fine, but it kind of oscillates (between sharp and blurry) when reducing the window height.
Maybe that helps finding the issue?

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Same here:

I just ran into this, but only after I added a Stepper List Item as the default widget to a SetPoint in the location. Removing the Stepper seems to resolve it.

There is already an issue about this:

So if anybody has more information (e.g. how to reprocude it, example code that always blurs) i think it would be good to add this information to the issue

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