OH3 Widget - OH Trend component line color

dear all

it’s possible to change the color of trendline?

- component: oh-trend

        trendItem: =[props.itemTemp]
          --f7-theme-color-bg-color: transparent
          background: var(--f7-theme-color-bg-color)
          filter: opacity(30%)
          position: absolute
          width: 100%
          height: 100%
          top: 0
          left: 2
          z-index: 1

thanks in advance

- component: oh-trend
    trendGradient: ['#f00']

Maybe this link might be helpfull …

thanks crnjan, it works and the liink is very useful,
But why other properties doesn’t works in OH?

I try with

- component: oh-trend
    trendRadius: ['1']

and also with

- component: oh-trend
    trendRadius: '1'

but it has no effect

thanks again for your help

Not all properties seems to be mapped as far as I can see from code.

Only trendGradient (maps to gradient), trendWidth (maps to width) and trendStrokeWidth (maps to stroke-width) are exposed.

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