OH3 with Google Nest Mini 2 -> read the latest news

Hi Community,

I ran at home a OH3 and have a Google Nest Mini 2 installed at my bathroom. I can start/stop Nest via OH3, connection is working.

However, here is my question. Can I setup the following:
Once I enter my bathroom in the mornings, a motion sensor triggers the light (via OH3) and than, can OH3 trigger Nest to read the latest news? So, instead I ask Google “OK Google, what are the lastest news for today” I would like to handover this question/task to my OH3.

Doable? I haven’t found anything helpful.
Thanks in advanced

Never tried with new headlines, but I use logitech media server with BBC sounds and chromecast plugins installed. I set up radio stations as favorites and call them up to play on my chromecast group via OH squeezebox plugin. BBC sound has the headlines listed so you could set them as favorites if you wanted

I found this method to be the most reliable for Radio stations.

I just found that

Does it do the trick? Can I use Chromecast for me idea, too?

OH can not send Google Assistant commands or start apps on a Nest/Chromecast. However, you can use the “Default Media Receiver”. You need to determine the actual URI of the media stream (NOT simply the website that’s hosting it) and then send that URI to the Nest/Chromecast.

You can find tutorials for getting the streaming URI on the web/Youtube.

Yup, that does the trick.

I added the “hidden” channel playuri, seached for something I like to hear in the mornings and Google Nest Mini 2 is playing what OB3 is sending.

Thanks a lot