OH3 Yale Lock Extract information from Raw Data

I am new to openHAB and not very proficient. I have two Yale locks, which I finally learned to include securely. I need to extract (Parse?) the proper information from the Alarm Raw Data so that I can update my switch to Locked or Unlocked, and also to take parameter-3 and identify who unlocked it. I realize I have to transform the data, and map the identifications. I have no idea how to do that using the UI. Can you please give me the steps I have to do to do that?
I am using openHAB 3.3.0 build 2714 on a Windows 10 PC.
Thank you.

Have a look at this (long) thread over here: Zwave - Yale YRD220 Lock - #5 by 5iver

That was written for OH2, but it still applies to 3.x. I’m using it in OH3 but with the older rule and item files. This works fine. I’m sure it could be updated to be used through the GUI rules. I don’t know if someone has already done that or not.

Thanks. I did look at that before. Unfortunately I am not familiar with coding, and have limited myself to using the GUI. I could not understand that post, and was unable to figure out how to apply it. I could really use some step by step guidance…I apologize for my limited knowledge.

Here’s my simplified version of that solution.

The rule just goes into a DSL script action in MainUI that triggers on the item changing.

Thanks. That is very helpful. I added the JSonPath and Map add-ons. I will work on the rule.

Thank you again for your help. I was able to use the JSON Path transform, and then use your example to set up a rule. It is working great. Thanks again.

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No problem. If you want, you could add “10” for low-battery alerts. I have a separate rule that monitors the battery level and notifies me when it goes below 20%, but it would actually make more sense to just combine it into this one. Dunno why that never occurred to me before.

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