OH3 Zwave Binding Update

How do I update the zwave binding in Openhab3? Running on Debian. Apt-get doesn’t seem to be grabbing the latest zwave database updates. I’m not a Openhab newbie, but I’m not an advanced user. I’ve purchased about a thousand dollars worth of zwave dimmers that are not in the database yet. I’m working with the Zwave binding folks to get these added to the database and would like to know step by step instructions on how to download the latest nightly release one they are added. Thanks in advance!

I recently updated to a Snapshot of Z Wave Binding Version 3.1.0, because of a new database.
Have look at this post where i described the steps:

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Please be aware the database is only exported to the binding build system about once a week.

Thanks! I’ll try this once the new binding update is published.