OH3 Zwave communication error shown in thing but device ist working when send command via rule

I´ plan to migrate from OH2.5.x to OH3 using openhabian.
So I bouht an other rsap 3 with a razberry doughter card.
I intall a frish openhabian 1.6.2

And follow some steps in the tutorial.

I discover zwave and found a device all as descript and expected. It is a fibaro wall plug switch FGWP101 and add it as thing - every thing fine. I also add a item for the wall plug … every thing fine - I was able to switch ON and OFF

So i tried to use an old rule from my exisiting OH2 installation to troggle the switch time based usiing cron. Therefore I delete my item and use a text based item from 2.5 in which i changed the zwave serial to the new from the OH 3.
Every thing fine.
Every thing works.

Now I plug the wall switch out from elektricl power and put them back.
Now the system show Communication error: : see:

Maybe that is normal, when a device lost power that the communication stops. But the communication did not come back! (After waiting a day … after rebooting … after stop the service and delete the tmp and and … it does not come back “online”)
I’m not able to contact the plug by Browser GUI using the slider: see:
But I can lunch the rule and the rules switch the plug when i hit the “PLAY”-Button (blue right upper corner): see:

The channel connection is correct if I check “channels”: see:

So in my eyes the communication using the z-wave device channel show that z wave is working correctly -but why can I not use the slider in the web gui and why is the devices communication shown as not working and red marked?

Has anybody simular experience and can anybody explain me what is wrong and how can i bring back the device to work with the gui? (without reinstalling or rediscover or resetting the device to factors … because in my eyes it must be possible to learn an thing let´s say in my office and later bring them to the working place… for example an outdoor plug or …)

Thank you all for helping hands and excuse the long story and my worse english …

Hi all,

after a longer downtime the error is gone and now the system shows: device online - see pic

and openhab works as all the versions since 2.0: it shows “online” and does not work neither in “GUI” nor in “rules”.
Unfortunatly OH3 is in this case not a functional improvemnet.
What a pitty I expected here a substantial performance change.

Maybe in the future

So conclusion of the top: systems beheviour change so an solution is not needed because problem is not reproducible and exist anymore


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