OH3: ZWave NEO Coolcam EU-3 Light Switch 3 Channel

I have problems with my NEO Coolcam EU-3 Light Switch 3 Channel. It is recognised by zwave bindings and added normaly into controller and OH3 but when I press switch I don’t receive any datachange in OH…

Log file(Tris is RAR file renamed to TXT which include openhab.log file because of size limit 1,5MB):
openhab.txt (79.6 KB)

Screenshot of log do not show event:

11:50 Im include device into network
Then Im try turn ON/OFF Channels by GUI and directly on device
12:14:30 Im turn ON Channel 1 on Device
12:15:00 Im turn OFF Channel 1 on Device

Thanks for any help.

So the light switches on and off but you don’t get any state updates in openHAB?
Please show your item definition.

Same as Im do for all other devices(fibaro switches and they work normaly)…

@Dejan Were you ever able to get this switch to work? I have the same switch and could never get it working properly. I couldn’t get them to run independently of each other. Tried to get support from the company and they replied a few times through Skype, then they went silent. Super frustrating as this switch is the only 3 channel relay type (controls a load directly) switch that I’ve found in this form factor for Z-wave.

I use it around 1 year as switch which trigger fibaro relay and two Fibaro Plugs. BUT not with OpenHAB, because I had with OH3 random issues with failing random devices(around one device per 3-6 months) which stop working and need to be reinclude to network Im decide to switch to HomeAssistant which I run for around year without any issue…

First button trigger two Fibaro Plugs(Washing machine and Dryer) second button tirger one channel on Fibaro Relay to turn on light and third button trigger channel two to turn on fan.

So I can’t help you solving issue with OH… Maybe try include it into network with no security or contact Chris Jackson(Developer of Zwave plugin) if he can help you :slight_smile:

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