OH3, ZWave, "Node is not communicating with controller"

Does anyone else have problems with their ZWave network after upgrading to OH3?

On my old Raspberry Pi 3B+ with OH2.5 and a Zwave.me USB dongle I never had any issues, but after installing OH2.5 on a new Pi 4B and upgrading to OH3 (M5, now on RC1), it seems that it’s very “shaky”; most of the time the nodes/things are in error, saying “Node is not communicating with controller”. I can somewhat control the devices via openHAB, but it might take a very long time, if anything happens at all.

When “stopping the thing/bridge/controller” via the openHAB UI and then restarting it, the nodes will be online for a while but then go into error again.

I don’t see anything in the openHAB logs that would point to a problem. I did a soft reset of the controller, rebooted the Pi multiple times, and now I’m not sure what to do. Do I have to exclude devices and readd them? What else could I triy?


I’ve occasionally had this.

my “fix”

shutdown rpi
remove usb stick
reboot rpi
insert usb stick
… sometimes might need to stop/start OH

Some USB 2 sticks do not work well with the Pi 4 unless plugged into a USB2 hub. They identify as USB3 but are not USB3 compatible.

Thanks. It’s connected to a USB2 port, so that shouldn’t have been the problem.

I have decided to get rid off the last three ZWave devices (Fibaro dimmers) for now and will replace them with Shelly Dimmers, as at least one of the Fibaros B button (to reset the device) is broken anyway, and I am using many other Shelly devices already… So I will not try to fix my ZWave problem any longer :slight_smile:

I have exactly the same problem, but with a z-way controller which is directly connected to serial (no USB device). As my zwave devices are somehow working I live with it for now…

Same here.
RPi4/4GB, ZWave.Me stick in USB2.

The stick was configured with Domoticz and works. There aren’t that many items on it, two FGS223 Fibaro’s, 2x Yale Conexus L1 locks, a couple of Fibaro multi-sensors, and an Aeontec Multisensor.

One lock works and one doesn’t. One of the double switches works and the other doesn’t. The double switches are successfully exposed over the HomeKit integration, but the doors don’t and the Aeontec works in OH3 but isn’t ‘responding’ in the Home App. The Fibaro sensors aren’t working in OH3.

It’s an absolute mishmash of bad bindings. It just doesn’t seem to work properly. is it hardware? Is OH just not compatible with ZWave.Me?

Anybody got any ideas?

I’m not sure what your issue is. This issue was about serial port communication with the controller. Sincd your devices seem to be online, this is not the same issue and you should probably start a new thread and clearly explain what the problem is.

they might show online, but they don’t all work. I can see comms occurring in the tail log, but nothing happens on the devices; no state change, no light going on when requested. some of the devices were showing null endpoints indicating that while discovery had occurred, they were inoperable.

I think I explained the problem, some things are working and some things are not, regardless of their ‘online’ status. So the ‘bridge’ wasn’t bridging, but there isn’t any consistency as to why one thing of a certain type works and another doesn’t. Other than perhaps the first one of a type works and any subsequent additions of the same type, don’t.

From what I can see this thread isn’t/wasn’t about USB issues, it started with Zwave.Me and it’s compatilbitiy with OH.There may have been some hardware concerns raised, that remain undetermined. I would presume those concerns are similar to those raised on the Aeotec Gen5, but it’s USB incompatibility has been proven.

I have this stick running successfully on an RPi4 with Domoticz.

That doesn’t make it in any way related to this post though. The issue here was about the controller not communicating.

I’m really sorry, but that doesn’t help at all and really doesn’t describe the problem in any way that can allow people to help.

Have you read the docs for the binding that describe debugging?

I would suggest to start a new thread, and clearly describe your issue, providing information about your system and the logs that are requested.