OH3: ZWave Qubino

3.0.0 is out, problem still remains.

@Dejan whats the manufacturing date of your device?

Please can you summarise the issue so I don’t have to read through 21 emails here :slight_smile:


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It’s essentially the same issue we’re discussing here ZWave configuration properties on Qubino 3Phase smart meter (ZMNHXD1) - #33 by chris

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@chris First picture in first post show issue that in GUI parameter 40, 41 and 42 can’t be changed but it is changable as documentation say.
Another problem is also that GUI have code tab and you can modify code and set parameters in code and save it(Also explained in first post). But also that way do not work and it loop openhab in some strange loop that it infinity loop which Im write in post 30.11.2020 4:54 pm and post debug log…

So this issue is a duplicate of what we already discussed in another thread.

Did you manually install the snapshot binding then? I normally recommend @5iver’s script but I do not think it has been updated for OH3 yet.

Yes his thread is duplicate(Im report that issue more than 1 month ago) :slight_smile:

It’s best to avoid cross posting these issues as it just take more time to try and understand what is being discussed when there are long threads to read through.

Sorry it took so long - I’m extremely busy at the moment as I’m trying to move house and have limited time.