OH3 Zwave switches do not report back status change

I have a strange phenomenon after migrating from 2.5 to 3.0.
After migration to OH3, none of my zwave switches (from different vendors) report status changes of the external switch back to the controller. Other than that, the devices work fine.
None of the rollershutters have the same issue.

I migrated the things from OH2.5 to 3.0 via backup and restore of the configuration. All parameters of the switches stayed as they were in OH2.5.

Your Things are defined in text files? Although that is possible it is not recommended because it is so error-prone.
Any securely included devices?

Unspoken, you have also updated the zwave binding and its associated database. Some devices may have changed some of their settings, like channel types. Those won’t “fit” a pre-existing Thing.
Choose one, comment out your Thing file entry, allow it re-discover and see if that will work for you.


In my experience, most people that use text files for configuration still use the UI for configuring Z-Wave Things. I happen to be one of those people.

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I moved from binding 3.0.1 (came with the openhab 3.0 install) to the latest snapshot (3.1).
The Aeotec Nano Shutter works now. The Fibaro FGS213 not yet, I guess this may be a parameter setting. I will check into this further.

… I deleted the FGS213 things and re-added them …
… further testing with FGS213 parameters …
Parameter 20 set to 2
Parameter 31 set to 1
Parameter 32 set to 0
Association group 2 set to Controller
… did the trick - they now report changes to the external switches.

I know there is a database export issue currently with 3.x. i have opened an issue.

It appears that somebody renamed the master repo branch to main breaking the exports, possibly about 3 weeks ago, breaking the export process.