OH4.0.2 - Where is my sitemap?

just did a successful upgrade 3.4 → 4.0.2
everything works great, I am just missing sitemap from the basic UI

previously it was available here: http://host:8080/basicui/app?sitemap=knx

now, when I read the documentation:
User Interface Design Overview | openHAB
it says:


Sitemaps are hierarchies of pages and sub-pages that are comprised of simple controls from a well-defined, limited set. They have existed in openHAB since its first versions, therefore you will probably encounter a lot of examples referring to them throughout the documentation and in the older community discussions.

As they have less customization options than the other types of pages, notably as compared to the more powerful layout pages, they are also arguably easier to learn. You can define them either in configuration files, with a special textual syntax, or in the Pages section of the administration area; however, be aware that the main web UI is not currently able to display them.

Fortunately, there are however several other mature apps, notably the mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, but also Basic UI for the web, which are primarily dedicated to rendering sitemaps

now, it says that main web ui is not able to display them. but then Basic UI is mentioned as a solution?
can someone shed some light on this?

btw sitemap works fine in android client, as it did before the upgrade

When it comes to BasicUI nothing changed in relation to OH3.
My sitemap was (on OH3) and is ( on OH4) reachable via a browser with
Either your host is renamed or the sitemapfile “knx.sitemap” is not in the sitemaps folder.

The posted lines from the documentation didn’t change from OH3 as well.

thanks for confirmation. reboot fixed it :slight_smile: