OH4.1 - previous misc/system addons (cloud connector, persistence, ..) missing in OH4.1 add-on store

in previous OH 3.x releases, misc/system addons like Persistence, Cloud Connector or Transformation services could be installed from Paper UI Setup Page.
in OH 4.1, these add-ons seem to be missing. Misc section does not longer exist and they do not show up in add-on store
I had to manually install them via openhab console using feature:install command.
any reason for this or do i completly overlooked something in UI ?

Each of those add-on types are found under the “other” tab (buttons along the bottom of the page) in the add-on store.

They should also have come up if you used the search function in the search tab.

Thanks @JustinG . I must have had tomatos on my eyes. I’m sorry for the stupid question