OH4.2.0 Notifications with Android App

Hi All

I have just updated to openHAB 4.2 - thank you so much for the hard work.

I have been following the changes for notifications in openHAB Cloud with interest and suspect that my issue may be related?

I have set different Notification Tones on my device for the 3 different notification levels (info, warn and debug), however since the update to 4.2 these are not longer being honored.

The notifications still seems to be tagged correctly as warn in my test case:

I have double checked the settings and they all still show the required notification tones, however the app only plays the default tone when a notification is received.

I also tried the latest beta version (3.14.4-beta) and get the same result - I did notice that the 2nd app seems to shar ethe notifications with the first? All the notifications are shown in both apps where I would have expect the newly installed beta to only have notifications since being installed?

Could this have something to do with the changes of the notification severity to tag?

I think this is the PR?

Any advise/suggestions would be appreciated.

Beta and stable version shouldn’t share the notifications settings. That should be handled by Android. Maybe there’s a backup that has been restored when you installed the beta version?

There’s a PR pending that introduces the new notification features to the app: Implement new notification features by mueller-ma · Pull Request #3724 · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub

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Thanks @mueller-ma Appreciate the feedback

I have not had a beta version of the app installed for many months, so I do not think there was a backup restored.
I installed the Beta this morning (a few hours ago, however the notifications in both the Bet and the production app (3.14.0)look the same as you can see below:



As you can see they are identical all the way back to very early this morning.

I appreciate the effort to get a new version out and happy to test etc. when you release a beta.

Do you think that the change from “severity” to “tag” could cause this?

I am also not seeing the new “tag” based notifications showing as Notification categories in the beta app, so I and thinking this is a result of the change?


Ok, you’re talking about this view. Yes, that is identical, because both apps query the same endpoint.

The change from severity to tag is just a renaming, so the functionality should be the same.

Thank you.

Any suggestions how i csn debug why it stopped working on upgrade of openHab?

Hi Again

I reverted back to openHAB 4.2.0.M2 and the notification tones came back on my “live” APP and the “warn” category was created on the Beta APP.

It seems that the changes to TAGS has resulted in something no longer working?


You can try the latest beta version of the app: Releases · openhab/openhab-android · GitHub

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Thank you. That has fixed it.

EDIT: And just to confirm that the newly released APP (3.15.0) also has it working.

Thanks @mueller-ma and everyone for your efforts on this enhancement. It is amazing.

Just one Minor Observation if that is OK?

In the Android App Notification category settings the “Tag” is still displayed as “Severity”?

And also a question… How many tags are allowed? Or is there no fixed limit?

Thanks Again to all.

There’s no limit from our side. Maybe Android has a limit on notification categories, but I’m not sure how high it is.