OH4 Config Persistence via MainUI, can't find the menu item

Call me blind, but I don’t find any menu item in order to show the page for the persistence configuation (as posted here in the Blog).

Am I blind or is my setup (openHAB 4.0.0. release build) missing something?

I did start with a fresh openhabian install on a raspi4 and used a BackUp from 3.4.2 to get all things, items etc…

You need to click on the blue title😉

Bear with me, I don’t get it. The only “blue titles” I see are on the (empty) overview page “Dokumentation” and “Tutorial”. :roll_eyes:

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the same with me, i can’t find it

I too spent some time to find it:
Click on the blue colored text “Persistence configuration”


A real BIG thank you for this effort!

I wouldn’t have expected it “down” there!
For a click on the icon of the persistence service I would expect information and documentation of this service. In this case you can also get to the Configuratuon (for me a blue gear depicted rhe link) of the service.

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I already left a comment on GitHub that it is not really intuitive, but not having a better idea myself.


It’s not intuitive but at least it is consistent. All add-ons have the little blue gear now which is how you get to that specific add-ons’ config. So, for example, that’s where you’ll also set the connection parameters for persistence add-ons like InfluxDB or JDBC.

This menu, at a minimum, is where you can change the logging level of that add-on without going to the karaf console or the log4j2.xml file.

It’s your one stop shop for all add-on configs that doesn’t get done through a Thing.

So hopefully it’s something that becomes more intuitive over time. Maybe there is something that can make it more obvious as well but for us old timers we are not used to looking at that spot in MainUI for anything but installing the add-ons.