OH4 Eclipse fresh install does not start OH and hangs with 100% CPU

I’am here again with the EclipseIDE/openhab-distro/BND “carousel”…

  • I did an update to openhab-distro to latest from main branch, and since then OH4 won’t start: console is empty and cpu 100%
  • so I deleted .m2, .p2 and openhab/Eclipse folders, to start from scratch
  • re-installed Eclipse IDE 2022-03 from scratch, IDE downloads run for 35-40min (despite FTTH connection!!), all first startup tasks are completed, hit Resolve+Debug but then same result: console is completely empy, no single line of log, and cpu gets to 100% due to eclipse.exe process and then nothing else happens.

Any idea or step to check what is going on?

After a new full install from scratch, the IDE works again.

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