OH4: humidity 0,6 instead of 60%

Since the upgrade to OH4, the humidity is displayed too small in the sitemaps by a factor of 100. I understand that this is related to the units and an entry needs to be made in the metadata. I found an example of this at

Release openHAB 4.0.0 · openhab/openhab-distro · GitHub

Number:Dimensionless Relative_Humidity “Relative Humidity” { channel=“myweatherbinding:hygrometerthing:humidity” }
might need adjustment when channel is of type system.atmospheric-humidity because it has state description “%.0f %%” and system default is “Abstract unit one (one)”.

Set the unit metadata to %:

Number:Dimensionless Relative_Humidity “Relative Humidity” { unit=“%”, channel=“myweatherbinding:hygrometerthing:humidity” }

Unfortunately, it is not clear to me how to set the metadata via the interface or via code.

Settings → Item → Add Metadata → Unit

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What can I do, if it does not show up „unit“ in the metadata selection menu?

Delete and recreate the thing with same UID.

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That probably means the Item is not a Number:X type Item but just a Number or some other type of Item. But you can always add it using “enter custom namespace”.

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At the moment I use a Raspi as a satellite OH for a zwave stick, main OH is on a NAS. The serial binding links both itemS. When I place the unit setting in the satellite OH will it be valid via serial binding or do I have to set it in the master OH as well ( that‘s what I am doing at the moment)?

I’m confused by this set up.

How are you linking two OH instances using the serial binding?
Wouldn’t the remote openHAB or MQTT Event Bus be more appropriate?
Or using ser2net to expose the device over IP. I believe OH now has native support for IP serial devices.

I can’t answer you question because I’ve no idea what gets delivered to which OH instance nor what you do with it on each instance.

Sorry , it‘s completely nonsense. I use remote binding to link both OH versions ( I am just working with serial binding)
Due to the fact, that OH (jsscripting) became so slow on the raspi in the beginning of OH 4 and the trouble with zwave and zigbee stick at the serial port, I split the installation temporarily into two satelite raspis and the main OH on a NAS. I will return back to one raspi, as soon as all bindings for OH are available . That means, I have to forward the zwave items from Raspi to NAS.

OK, in that case I’d make the unit metadata on both Items, the one on the remote instance and the one on the main instance.