OH4. image pop up from oh-cell


I have a label cell on my Overview page that should bring up a jpg. simple as that:

component: oh-cell
action: photos
actionPhotoBrowserConfig: ‘{ “exposition”: false, “type”: “popup”, “theme”: “light” }’
icon: oh:network
subtitle: QR Code
title: Gäste WLAN
slots: null

It did work in the past. recently, when I needed the QR code from the picture it did not pop up. It does not work on 4 different devices/browers. I did update to openHAB 4.0.3 last week.
when entering the url in a browser I can see the picture.
any idea what could be wrong?

You are not actually formatting the images to show property correctly. I am actually surprised it ever worked in the past. If you read the hint under the input field there you will note that you cannot just input the url of an image.

Because you don’t want a caption, the solution is quite easy, enclose your url in [ ] to make it an array (and " " to make it valid JSON):

actionPhotos: [""]