OH4: JDBC configuration not available in MainUI

running openHAB4.0.3 on openHABian on a raspberry Pi4.

I use 100% UI-based configuration, there’s no text file present - at least created by me. neither in /etc/openhab/persistence nor elsewhere within that folder (except the exec.whitelist as this is still not controlled UI-based)

I upgraded a few days ago and checked the persistence. RRd4j and mariaDB got all changes like before. today I wanted to check for the credentials and couldn’t find the configuration on MainUI. After checking I found out, that somehow “JDBC (SQLite)” was installed and “JDBC persistence (MySQL)” was not. So I installed the latter, but still: no configuration visible in MainUI.
the MariaDB got entries since the updgrade to OH4 and still does… But I can’t access its configuration… What did I miss?

It does sound like something got messed up. I don’t use JDBC so I can’t help with that aspect.

You can still get to the settings for installed add-ons from the Add-on Store. Navigate to the add-on and click the blue gear in the upper right.

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That works, thanks. Didn’t know that.

You might also file an issue on the JDBC add-on. It should show up under Settings → Add-on settings too.

Hmm, I’m actually a little confused now. In 4.1 (latest snapshot), I see this:

However, in 4.0.3 (my production system):

There was a change in 4.0 UI which removed all non essential service settings away in a hope that every of such configurations is related to an existing addon service: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-webui/pull/1891

It was reverted/redesigned in 4.1: Redesign settings page & Add doc links by florian-h05 · Pull Request #1997 · openhab/openhab-webui · GitHub.

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Ah ok! Thanks for pointing that out. That’s it.

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