OH4 MODBUS Single Poller vs Multiple Pollers

Hi All

I am taking delivery of a new SunSynk inverter soon and have been looking into getting information via MODBUS.

Since I am new to MODBUS I have done as much reading as I can, and am still preparing as I do not have the device yet.

What I would like to try and understand is the preferred (best practice) way to deal with Pollers.

Is it better to have:

  • A single Poller which will Poll a large range of registers - possibly including non existent/restricted registers
  • A smaller list of Pollers which will Poll blocks of valid registers to exclude non existent/restricted registers
  • Many Pollers which will Poll very specific Registers grouped and possibly even single registers

Wondering what the effect on response etc would be with the different options?

Once of the article I read seemed to indicate that Polling non existent/restricted registers could cause issues?


I had to shrink down the number of pollers to a minimum because of timing issues on the modbus otherwise. But I skipped all register areas which aren’t available from the slave. Works fine on OH3.

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