OH4: Not able to add item with expiration timer to rule

Hi, when I have a item with an expiration timer I can not add this item as trigger or action to a rule.
The item is not shown in the view. When I remove the expiration timer the item is shown and I can add the item normally to the rule.

I don’t know why this should not be possible.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. add item with expiration timer
  2. try to add this item as trigger or action to a rule → item is not shown in the selection.

At the moment I am running OH4.1.0 build 3625.

I think that this might be a bug? What do you think.
Thank you. BR

I’m on 4.1 first milestone build and I cannot replicate this problem. All my items with expire metadata show up in the rules items lists.

Sounds like a bug. I too am just on the milestone and cannot reproduce the problem so it’s something introduced after 4.1 M1 apparently.

Thanks for the feedback.
I can also no longer reproduce this problem. It has nothing to do with the expiration timer. I think I have some kind of caching problem in the browser…

I realized that sometimes my new created items are not appearing in the different views directly.
For example I create a new item, then I want to search for it in the Developer Sidebar and the item does not appear immedediately. When I change to a different browser I see the item directly…
I have to investigate on this a little more.

A lot of users have been seeing different caching issues when they use Firefox, although the symptoms you’ve reported are new. Chromium based browsers do not seem to have the same issue.

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Yes, seems that this problem only appears with Firefox

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