OH4 - Weird observation

Dear community, can sombody please help me …

I started OH4 using its IP adresses … 192.168.x.x:8080 and created a point in the model.
When when pressing the Create-button, it looks like the point had been created but was not visible in the model.
I then started OH4 using openhabian:8080 … the point was not visible either.
Finally I started OH4 using openhabian.local:8080 … bingo … the point was visible.
Has somebody any explanation for that behavior?

Thx, Arno

Are you using Firefox ? Then it is a known cache issue with the browser.

What is your exact openHAB version?
There was a caching issue with Firefox, which should be fixed in openHAB 4.1.1.

Thx both for your quick response. Yes, I‘m using Firefox. I was using OH 4.1.0 and upgraded to OH 4.1.1. Situation seems to be even worse. Looks like I‘m still getting different OH instances depending upon logging in with IP adress, openhabian:8080 or openhabian.local:8080.
There is functions that I can‘t click anymore e.g. Pages, Rules, Scenes …
Microsoft Edge seems to do the job though.
Is there any workaround for Firefox?
Thanks again for your quick response - much appreciated.
Thx, Arno

Clean the browser’s cache and retry.