OH4 - Which IR fire/blaster setup are you using?

Hey guys,

for me it seems in OH4 the RM mini 3s are not really working as expected anymore.
Many people are trying to find a solution with RM4 and some bindings work but not for me.

Custom broadlink binding did work flawlessly in OH3.X but now with broadlink stock binding the rm mini 3 is not able to turn on my receiver anymore but other devices are working.


So therefore I wanted to check back with the community what IR fire or blaster setup you are using in OH4? I will then maybe try out a different solution :wink:


Sorry to hear that it’s not going well with the Broadlink devices.

I have two Logitech Harmony Hubs that are still working for me, though I’ve become less dependent on them over time. They can be hard to buy since Logitech discontinued them a few years ago, but you might find a used one. Just be aware that they’re dependent on cloud servers for setup. Logitech could pull the plug in the future, but there’s no indication that they’ll do so and I’d expect them to give lots of advance warning.

You could try a Tuya-based IR blaster with the SmarthomeJ Tuya binding. I have no idea if it would work, but it would be a relatively inexpensive experiment.


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I use broadlink RM4 but I DON’T use any bindings. I use broadlink-mqtt.
I try not to use bindings if I don’t have to because if the binding changes then I have issues.

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I have the following setup working (though not 100% sure if that’s what you’re looking for): Use Case: Control TVs via IR from openHAB (Tasmota-flashed IR Blaster + MQTT)

Thanks @rpwong !
I will try this one out, found a german marketplace supplier in Germany that distributes the same device rebranded. Will let you know here how it went :wink: