Oittm Touch Light Switch API

Hey guys anyone have any info on if this switch will work with OpenHab2?

Cant seem to find anything on it?

I have looked at these recently. The plug in modules apparently are based on the ESP8266 so you should be able to reflash them with a custom firmware supporting MQTT. I haven’t yet wanted to spend the money on the assumption that if one product in a brand is ESP based, the others will be as well.

I’ve been told that the Wion switch is based on the ESP8266 like the plug in modules. I haven’t purchased one to confirm. I have several of the Ecoplug branded plug in modules flashed with ESPEasy. The KAB Ecoplugs, Woods Wion, Workchoice (Walmoart), and Vivitar (Fry’s) products all appear to be the same.

If you want something that will work out of the box you’re probably better off looking at WeMo, Zwave, or Insteon.

Thanks for the insight I don’t mind a little hacking if it’s not too hard for experience (new to this) trying to find something fairly cheap even if it requires a small amount of modification. Looking to retro fit a whole house I’ll be looking at switches and wall outlets.

Unfortunately since I don’t have any of the light switches I can’t give much insight on how easily accessible the pins on the ESP would be. The process of flashing them isn’t too bad. The hardest part probably being soldering your wires onto the pads.

My local Menards just started carrying the Wion ones. The light switches are $20 right now. Hopefully it’s not just an introductory price. They aren’t listed on the website yet. I’m debating whether I have anywhere else I really need one or not since they more I add the crazier my wife thinks I am.

Here is a link to my post about flashing/configuring the plug in modules. Maybe that will get you started.