Old files in conf-folder "services" - can i remove them?

in former openhab-versions some settings were made in the service-folder with cfg-files. But i think most of them aren´t necessary nowadys?

Only one is ephemeris.cfg???

My services-folder looks like this:
Which of them can i remove? I´m on oh 3.4.5-1. I think i should keep only ephemeris and remove all the other ones?


afaik http.cfg, fritzboxtr064.cfg, ephemeris.cfg and dashboard.cfg are deprecated.
http and fritzboxtr064 are OH1-style addon configurations, which now are be done via things, dashboard and ephemeris are done via runtime.cfg.
Don’t delete the other files, as openHAB did create them during installation.

I was thinking, ephemeris.cfg is necessary?

I want to stay with textual config. I don´t like paperui and now the admin-panel for configuration. With text-config i can do backups much faster and i like configuration with text-files - like real programming, not like paperui/admin-panel with only mouseclicks.

In latest oh4 docs i can see, i can choose between ui and ephermeris.cfg file. So i can use this without any problems.

But what is with runtime.cfg? All entrys in the file are commented out with #. There is no “real” value.
So i still ned runtime.cfg?

Ans in addons.cfg only value is “package=standard” - is this really necessary? I think this is done inside admin-panel now (formerly in paper ui)?

Ah, sorry, it’s all about openHAB4… not openHAB2 (PaperUI) :wink:

I’m running openhab 3.4.5-1.

So which files can be removed? Is addons.cfg and runtime.cfg used anymore?

Yes, these files are auto generated. But there is no value package=standard anymore (this is OH2 only). So comment it out or delete it from the file :slight_smile: