Old touchscreen

So somebody gave me an old touch screen, still running Windows XP. I tought it would be nice to control openHAB with it.
In the web browser i started to have problems, opening google: fine but opening other web pages was not possible, not even openHAB (running on a raspberry pi).
So i installed the operating system from raspberry, cause i am already familiar with it. This worked like a charm, I even found the touch screen driver and touch screen is working.

I’m also using an outdoor video station wich connects to a sip server. So i’ve installed Ekiga as a sip client (wich has a nice option to pop up in front of other programs :slight_smile: ) And a python script that shows video when it receives a sip call and i have this:

I hav a Qbus domotica installation and have written a openHAB binding for this system, so for the moment i am also able to controll my light, thermostats, etc.

Still have 1 problem with Ekiga, it when i don’t answer the call the call window doens’t closes and doesn’t receive another call.
Anybody out there who might have a solution for this problem?