ON Minutes per day

Is there a way to find out in a rule, how many minutes an items state was ON in the last 24 hours?

Some clarifying questions:

  1. Do you mean TODAY or the last 24 continuous hours ?
  2. Do you mean total ON time in (answer to q 1) or maximum ON time (if item is toggled many times during the “day”) ?
  3. Do you intend to track number of ON periods and length of each one on (time basis of answer to q 1) ?

I don’t know if it is exactly what you are looking for but I helped someone with something similar here.

I want to track at midnight, how many single minutes an item was ON - for example:

  • How many minutes the rain sensor was ON
  • How many minutes the heating was ON
  • How many minutes a selected light was ON
    I only need the numeric value of sum of minutes

That looks good. I’ll try this - thank you!