ON_TIME_AUTOMATIC ignored after CCU / device restart

Hi All

I need several homematic switches to work as push buttons instead of switches. To achieve this I create an additional item for each switch that is linked to the the data point ON_TIME_AUTOMATIC. I then set this “on time” item to 0.1 at system start.

// The push button
Switch ShutterAtticUp "Rollladen AUF" {channel="homematic:HM-LC-Sw4-DR:<...>:4#STATE"}
// The on time of the push button before automatically switching OFF again
Number ShutterAtticUpAutoOn "Rollladen AUF Einschaltzeit" {channel="homematic:HM-LC-Sw4-DR:<...>:4#ON_TIME_AUTOMATIC"}

This works reliably as long as the CCU isn’t restarted and/or the switch devices in question isn’t restarted (power off / power on). After any such event, the switch stickst to ON and doesn’t fall back to OFF.

My question is if anyone else is using the ON_TIME_AUTOMATIC data point of homematic switches and knows how to counter this behavior after CCU / device restarts. I was thinking of doing something after the switch item in question changes its state to ONLINE. Is this possible in some way?

I must admit though that I do not understand what is going wrong exactly, as it is my understanding that ON_TIME_AUTOMATIC makes the binding (and not the HomeMatic device / the CCU) set the ON_TIME before each sending of ON to STATE. Maybe the device going OFFLINE somehow resets the item value?

The alternative would be to use a timer based “hack” or to manually set the data point ON_TIME before sending ON to the STATE data point. Bot of which I would like to avoid. I already tried the otherwise great expire binding and cannot use it in this context because the minimum timeout of 1s is too long.

Thanks a lot in advance for any input!