One Account - multiple Spotify accounts possible?

What I’m looking for (should) is simple:

  1. one amazon-Account for all Alexas in my home (for using Alexa-intercom possibilites)
  2. Alexa recognizes the voice of the one speaking
  3. Alexa uses the Spotify-Account of that person for Spotify

We (me, wife, kids) got a Spotify Family Account with seperate accounts, I’d like to use.

AFAIK, amazon does not allow that within the Alexa-configuration, am I right? You must setup multiple amazon-accounts and configure dedicated alexa-echos to one of that accounts. Which means, I can’t use Alexa intercom features like “announcements” or other stuff and an Alexa is bound to one specific account.

Someone here, who has solved that riddle? Currently we’re using one “Alexa-only” Spotify-account for use within Alexa - so we don’t interrupt each others Spotify-listening with mobile devices.
BUT: of course that way we’ll interrupt each other when simultanously using two Alexas with Spotify…

I would suggest checking the Spotify community forum.


Thanks! Didn’t know about “household”, but I’ll give it a try.