One account with 2 different server(2uuid etc..)? Registration option enable/disable quickly?

hey guys, I setup a selfhosted openhab cloud instance with my main email account and adding my home server, I would like to add my second openhab rpi box, but I can’t find an option to add “another uuid”. The question is, do I have to “create” a second “dummy email account” to manage the rpi box, or if there is another way to use 2 different openhab box with 1 email account?

oh btw, two very stupid questions,

  1. Could I change the login account to a user name based? currently it’s email account based
  2. Do I have to everythime login to my vps ssh–>change config.json to registration_enabled=true–>restart–>done uuid registration–>change config.json back to false again–>restart? over and over again? Do we have a more simple step to quickly enable/disable the registration option?

I think you can only have one OH instance associated with one account. However, there was a thread awhile back where someone experimented with copying the uuid and secret to both OH instances. That would allow both OH instances to connect, but I don’t think the cloud instance will be able to distinguish between the two. I don’t think the results of the experiment were ever posted.

I can’t answer the other questions.

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, the MQTT Event Bus might be worth looking into.

Thanks man, really appreciate with your reply