One Item switching another item

I am relatively new to openHAB and have started to successfully set up a test server on my RPi with a CUL module. Everything is working fine so far. I have defined two items, both switches, one that receives FS20 commands form a remote and another that can switch an InterTechno Radio Plug Sockets. On their own both work fine, but what I am looking for is: if I send a FS20 ON Command, the InterTechno Socket should get an ON Command too (and vice versa).
I read a lot of Beginners guides about Items but could not found how I achieve this behavior. Only with rules I was able to get that behavior:

"FS20 to Intertechno"
    Item FS20Test received command
    sendCommand(ITTest, receivedCommand)

But as I have a few InterTechno Sockets that should be controlled by FS20, I wish there would be an easier way to get there. Maybe with item groups (one item in a group switches all group items)?

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:

It’s way eysier, the only thing to do is, to double bind the items, so instead of

Switch FS20Test {fs20="C04B00"}
Switch ITTest {culintertechno="type=fls;group=I;address=1"}

plus rule for switching, just set up

Switch FS20Test {fs20="C04B00",culintertechno="type=fls;group=I;address=1"}

This would transmit all signals from fs20 in question of “C04B00” to culintertechno (and vice versa)

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The Group itself can be treated as an Item. If you define the Group as a Group:Switch and you send an ON command to that Group, all members of the Group will receive an ON command. NOTE: all members of the Group must be able to receive and process an OnOff type command.

Thanks for the quick and helpful answers :+1:! @Udo_Hartmann than’s exactly waht I was looking for. Couldn’t find any infos about adding more than one binding to an item.

Sorry for reopening this topic. I tested @Udo_Hartmann solution with my server and it only works half way: if I switch the Item in Web UI, both bindings get activated. So e.g. both FS20 and InterTechno send an ON command (actually FS20 must not send, I want to use it for receiving only). But if I send an ON command via FS20 remote, the switch is updated correctly in Web UI but the InterTechno binding is not triggered.
I had my server running in debug mode and found out that if I switch the switch in Web UI, the item receives an command but when I send a FS20 command the item only gets updated (and wouldn’t trigger any other bindings). Is this a FS20 problem or do I have to set any additional parameters for the binding or item?

Thanks again in advance for your help :slight_smile:!