One Wire Binding - is tukeyfilter not working

Hi There,

because sometimes the OneWire temperature sensors are reporting weird values I activated the tukeyfilter for all my temperature sensors. I thought this should prevent larger jumps in Data. But it seems to me that tukeyfilter isn’t working. When temperature is about 20°C and the Sensor reported “-1152.05” I expected this value to be thrown away.

Am I misunderstanding the function of the tukeyfilter or is there a Problem with the filter method?


At some point it worked for me. Can you post your item config line?

I’ve a similar problem with tukeyfilter and expected filtering weird values. My humidity sensors sometimes shows values beyond 100%, which is nonsense.
Unfortunately I don’t understand java and I’m no programmer, but I stumbled over the alpha-value in the code. Regarding to the wiki, alpha should be 1.5, in the code I found a value for alpha of 2.5. This maybe a misinterpretation of me, but maybe someone can have a look at it?
At the moment, the tukeyfilter doesn’t work for me unfortunately.