One Wire Binding Refresh Intervall < 1s

Hi all,
is it possible to get the refresh interval of an onewire item under 1s?

I am using OH1.

In older versions of the binding it was possible to define the refreh interval in the openhab.cfg file in milliseconds. With version 1.8.0 I can set the interval in the item configuration in seconds and it seems to dont accept numbers smaller than 1.

Reason for my request:
I would like to bind all pushbutton light switches in my house via onewire to OH.

I am thankfull for any suggestions.

Cheers, Franz

Hi all,

now I’m running into the same issue.

I have my reed contacts attached via onewire. Based on this, I among other things switch lights on and off for the front door. The case obviously benefits from rather short response times…

Previously it worked like this:
owserver → wiregate → KNX → OH → KNX → light. Took about ~2 seconds.

Now I hooked 1W directly to OH via the onewire binding:
owserver → OH → KNX → light. Takes about 10 seconds.

I actually was hoping to improve on response times :slight_smile:
Any idea how I can force a much higher refresh rate?

It does not seem to be the refresh config, as I already set this to 1. And according to the code of OwBaseThingHandler. If it’s refresh method is called more often, it would just do it…

Any ideas what I could try? Where to look at?

And out of curiousity - who / what calls the OwBaseThingHandler’s refresh method?


Ok… I had the idea to look a bit into the wiregate implementation. It reads from uncached… and cache time out is 15 per default… I might be able to overcome by using a owfs-number access, I guess, but that would leave me with everything else as I only get the raw number. This I created a feature request:

A sub 1s update I guess would not be possible due to the scheduled task in OwserverBridgeHandler:

protected ScheduledFuture<?> refreshTask = scheduler.scheduleWithFixedDelay(this::refresh, 1, 1000, TimeUnit.MILLISECONDS);