Onecontrol MyRV system

This is my first post and I am new to RPi. I have an RV with a Onecontrol aka MyRV control system for lights, gen start, slideouts, etc. I learned that this system talks from the main control to the modules, including a touchscreen display, and other components using CAN Bus. I want to connect my RPi and use it to send control signals. That way I can add voice control, remote control via internet, etc.

Does anyone have a suggestion of how to:

  1. listen to the CAN Bus communications on this network
  2. interpret the commands - which are used to turn on lights, run generator, etc.
  3. get RPi to send signals to control modules.

Any suggestions?

I don’t have experience with CAN Bus, but google shows:


In theory, after you establish comms, you can find a way to link OH2 to the CAN Bus info (in theory :))

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Now, this is a case where one would want to be able to update the location of the system and the astro binding. @rlkoshak, what do you think? I am referring to that thread a couple of days ago.

@gerrieg, what do you think? Should the latitude, longitude and altitude have their own channels?

It is not the first time I have seen a thread with someone trying to put openHAB in an RV or caravan. What about a yacht?

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There needs to be something to tell Astro the new coordinates and I’m not sure we have something that OH supportd to do that. The current location detection depends on a lookup of the IP address mapped to geolocation. But I don’t think that would work with cellular or satellite internet connections.

I’m not the biggest fan of the Exec 2 binding but it has set a precedent for how to do something like this with the input and output channels. We should see what David does to replace the MQTT Action as well. There may be something a little cleaner.

Oh my. I guess I am really green to OH. I didn’t understand a thing you said other than, IP address may be a problem with cellular internet, which is what I would use. But, I am also fine without remote or smartphone connectivity. More interested in voice commands and being able to trick the Onecontrol system to take commands. Is there an interface with OH that will send CAN bus messages?

I will check out the links, thanks Angelos.

There is no “CAN Binding” available (if you are asking this)

This will be a challenge, since you will have to:
a) Find a way to physically interface to the CAN Bus using a device like the PiCAN or a USB2CAN interface and your rPi
b) Use software on the rPi that can read and write info from/to the CAN Bus (like Python-CAN)
c) Define a way to pull this info into openHAB (e.g. use MQTT or REST API between the Python-CAN and OH2)
d) If you reach point (c) above, you can then enable all the other goodies (like Voice control, remote control, etc)

You can definitely do all of the above, it just takes time and alot of digging, testing, debugging, etc.

There is another option of course: Introducing BountySource for funded development

Ps: don’t worry about the other stuff for now :slight_smile: Rich & Vincent are just hijacking the thread (:stuck_out_tongue: joking) to discuss a possible solution that uses dynamically updated geo-location info (since the RV is moving) to update some other parameters within OH2.
Ps2: I found also: with alot of nice docs

Thank you. When I get some time this week I will look closer at all this. I need to start with the hardware to “see” the CAN bus messages. I may be assuming too much about how the messages are sent in the Onecontrol network. I assumed it would be spicific x bit messages that make things work or ping the status of something. I will post when I find out something.

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