[onewire binding on openhab in docker] Comunication problem

OpenHAB 2.4, added last master of onewire. In system there is few dozens of 1W components (temperature sensors, inputs, outputs) and bunch of logic/rules on them. After few hours of proper work onewire (binding) stop to respond. There is no error in log (maybe I should change level of onewire binding log), but action taken in openhab doesn’t translate to real actions in 1W system. I don’t know is that binding, openhab problem or maybe performace of Linux beneath them (i think not, load is under 1.00), but when I click some 1W action on Apache that was (and parallel still is) controling my whole 1W before openhab, action IS taken as it supposed to be.

Any help?

I think its not OH issue, other function work well.

Please change the log level at least to DEBUG. If nothing is found, try TRACE for around 30s and change back to DEFAULT (otherwise your logs will fill up quickly). Upload the log somewhere and link it here. I‘ll check.

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SOLVED: Problem occured because JAR of onewire was downgraded (what shouldn’t be done).

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