OneWire DS2438 thing configuration


The onewire bus with my temperature sensors works. I am litte bit stuck with getting my DS2438 working, as I do not understand the documentation. They used to work on my old OH1 instance.
I am at this point:

Thing ms-tx AirQ [

Number AirQ "AirQ Living Raw [%.12f V]" (GroupWohnzimmer) {channel="onewire:ms-tx:owserver:mybridge: AirQ:voltage"}

Any ideas?


It is strongly recommended to use discovery and Paper UI for thing configuration.

Manual Thing configuration can be very error prone. I would try the documented method first.

Maybe you should tell us what is not working. Provide logs.

space looks wrong there.

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Thanks for the help. It is no option for me to use a visual editor. Config files are linux standard.

I succeeded in getting the sensors working with the above definition. I did not change anything. My guess is, that it is because only some sensors appear in /mnt/1-wire and disappear again and some others appear again. If you have an idea why this happens, it would be great.


I have now a similar problem with the humidity:

Thing ms-tx OneWireGaesteBadLuftfeuchteRaw [ id="26.743F1B010000", refresh=60 ]

Number OneWireGaesteBadLuftfeuchteRaw "Luftfeuchte Gästebad Raw [%.1f %%]" (GroupGaesteBad) {channel="onewire:ms-tx:mybridge:OneWireGaesteBadLuftfeuchteRaw:absolutehumidity"}

2020-01-07 17:32:23.243 [vent.ItemStateChangedEvent] - OneWireGaesteBadLuftfeuchte changed from -18.1875 to -18.4375

I tried “humidity” as well, but I do not get values at around 40%. Any ideas?

What type of humidity sensor do you use? Are you sure it is connected “the standrad way”? What is owfs showing? What is the device id?

I got it working with:

  Thing ms-tx OneWireGaesteBadLuftfeuchteRaw [id="26.743F1B010000", refresh=60,  manualsensor="MS_TH"]  {
              Type temperature-por-res : temperature [
              Type humidity : humidity [
                     humiditytype = "/humidity"