OneWire Setup broken?

I did a standard setup of onewire with owfs. I removed owhttpd, as it crashed regularly. My sensors give data in openhab, but I can not identify new sensors, as there are only a few in the terminal shown every time.

    $ ls /mnt/1wire/
    20.0FE101000000  28.FF4A76001602  28.FFDA55001602  bus.1         structure
    20.0FE101000000  28.FF4A76001602  28.FFDA55001602  settings      system
    28.4AD984000003  28.FF7259A21503  alarm            simultaneous  uncached
    28.4AD984000003  28.FF7259A21503  bus.0            statistics
    $ ls /mnt/1wire/
    20.0FE101000000  bus.1     statistics  system
    bus.0            settings  structure   uncached
    $ ls /mnt/1wire/
    20.0FE101000000  alarm  bus.1     simultaneous  structure  uncached
    20.0FE101000000  bus.0  settings  statistics    system

I had owfs on another raspberry pi before this installation (same sensors) and there were all sensors listed.

I did not find any solutions, so I hope there someone has some hints!


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