OneWire: Support for custom sensors

I’m having some trouble with the new onewire 2.0 binding. The binding only seems to support specific predefined sensor combinations. (e.g. temperature and humidity or temperature and light) But I also have a onewire sensor that measures temperature, humidity and light. I also have a sensor with only temperature and light and if I configure this sensor as MS-TL I don’t get any values for the light sensor. (In this case the light value is under /S3-R1-A/illuminance**)

In OpenHab 1 I could simply configure the path of every sensor value in the item itself. With OpenHab 2.0 I cannot specify the channels manually to add such custom sensors.

I tried every device type for my sensors, but only the Multisensor type is recognized by the binding. Is there a way to completley define the onewire sensors manually in OpenHab 2.0 or is this planned for a future release?

You could use owfs-number and owfs-string channels on the bridge.

Thanks for the hint. This seems to work. It would be nice to have all the values in one place in one thing. I hope that this will be improved in the future.