OneWire temperature resolution issue

I am using a DS18B20 temp sensor wit OneWire what reports value with three decimals by default. I would like represent that value on OH with one decimal precision, but if I set “resolution” param to 9 it is rounded to half Celsius, so only 18, 18.5 or 19 Celsius will be reported. However if I set resolution to 10, value will be reported with three decimals. Could you please help me to resolve it?

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i set it in the items:

Number:Temperature iOwTemp_PufferUnten          "Puffer unten [%.1f %unit%]"            <temperature>  { unit="°C", channel="onewire:......." }

by setting %.1f i have one decimal. so if the item has for example 38.75 °C it shows in the sitemap 38.8 °C

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Thank you, it works now. I thought this resolution param will replace this solution.