OneWire working, but many error messages

I am getting a lot of error messages in (see attachment), but unwire seems to get the data from the sensors regularly (see attachment).

I am getting these for many of my >80 onewire sensors.

Any ideas how to bugfix?

Thanks for your help!


Looks like problems with your bus. Check cables, connections, number of devices per bushmaster.

i also think this problems depend on your bus.

at the beginning i had about 30 1wire sensors ds18b20 connected to gpio port directly and had similar problems until i installed an 1wire-adapter that is connected to the raspi with usb. and when i remember right it also was important to add a capacitor to each sensor.

Thanks for the hints. I have a Raspi+1wire USB adapter.

Stefan: What capacitors did you add to the sensors? Did you add them between VCC and GND to stabilize the power supply?

as i said i had big connection problems at the beginning and tried a lot of things. finally i dedided for “standard-connection” with 3 wires (not the parasitric 2-wires) because the cable-length from my 1-wire system is more than 50 meters.

i don´t know if it is necessary but i put an 100nf capacitor between vcc and gnd at the end of each sensorcable (not at the sensor-side but at the box where more sensors are connected to the 1-wire bus), see here:

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