Onkyo AV Binding logging during "Network failure"

Hi all

I use the Onkyo AV binding which works quite well. There is just one thing that annoys me a little. When I’m away from home, I disconnect the Power from the receiver to save energy (no standby). During this time the plugin is (of course) not able to check the status. So far, so good. The problem is that it writes a log message (level WARN) about every second which makes it nearly impossible to find any other message. Is there an way to reduce this without disabling logging for the binding completly?

Thanks in advance

You can turn the logging up to ERROR or you can shunt the Onkyo’s logging into its own file. Look at the Logging section in the Z Wave Binding wiki page for how to do this.

Thank you for your answer, that’s a good idea.
I’ve changed the logfile for this binding so it won’t fill the regular log (about 6 MB during the day) but still be able to check it if somethings goes wrong with the binding.