Onkyo Binding Spotify Album Art

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I’ve been using the onkyo binding with my TX-NR525 for a couple of years now, and it has always worked great for me, so a big applause for that! Recently, however, I ran in to an issue that I can not seem to get album art working.

I’m playing Spotify via Connect and the Album Art is showing on my mobile phone with the Onkyo Remote app. The image does not want to show up in Paper UI however, and I can’t seem to figure out why. This is my config:

String OnkyoCoverUrl "Onkyo Cover Url [%s]"  {channel="onkyo:TX-NR525:<HASH>:player#albumArtUrl"}
Image OnkyoCover "Onkyo Cover"  {channel="onkyo:TX-NR525:<HASH>:player#albumArt"}

But the Cover as well as the CoverUrl stay empty when I look in control of Paper UI. Any hints?

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