[Onkyo] Building binding from github giving me unresolved requirement "org.osgi.framework" error

I’ve added a channel to the standard onkyo binding that i’ve implemented in previous 3.1 milestone releases but as of M4 I now get an error as listed below. I’ve confirmed that my openhab-addons is pulled from the main github repository and is up to date. Am I missing something else? Everything builds OK but errors upon install to OH. Of course if I install the stock Onkyo binding that one starts up just fine. The only code differences in my bindings source and the current github commit are the addition of a few lines for the extra channel.

Unresolved requirement: Import-Package: org.osgi.framework; version="[1.9.0,2.0.0)"


OSGi Version has been updated in recent openHAB snapshot. This affects all bundles compiled from latest code. You will not be able to use them in older openHAB versions. To get them running you have to upgrade to latest openHAB nightly builds (e.g. build #2306 or higher).

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@cweitkamp, @Kai

What is the solution for users of the latest stable released 3.0.1 version who use the zwave binding from @chris in their production system?

Snapshots & milestones, by definition are not recommended for production use. Does that mean users of Z-Wave based systems need to move elsewhere? Minor released such as 3.1.0are not supposed to introduce backward incompatibility within the major version.

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That’s very unfortunate and does not follow semver. Additionally openhab-core/3.0.1 can’t be build because a dependency is missing.

In addition, the zwave binding on 3.0.1 has an old database due to unannounced renaming of the default development repo for the zwave binding on GitHub. @chris discovered it after 3.0.1 was released.

So Z-Wave users with recent devices not in the database of their released OH version cannot use those new devices due to unannounced changes in the OH structure & system.

I realize you did not necessarily make these decisions but I feel all Z-Wave users of OH are due an explanation from @Kai about how to make their stable production systems useful with recent devices.

Seems to be a bit off-topic here, but nonetheless: 3.0.2 will be released within the next 2 weeks. But it’s a patch release supposed to contain only bug fixes. For support of “recent devices”, clearly the upcoming 3.1 is the correct version to wait for.

Will 3.0.2 have the infrastructure changes to allow snapshot releases to be compatible again?