[Onkyo] No Power toggle possible after CEC/eARC

Hi all,

I’m using the current Onkyo binding with OH 2.5.0 and my Onkyo AV receiver TX-NR646.

Now I’ve updated my TV and connect the Onkyo via eARC and HDMI-CEC.

When I switch off the TV with the TV remote, the receiver is switched off, too.

After that, I am not able to turn it on, again via Openhab (no matter if I use PaperUI, ClassicUI, Habpanel or even Alexa voice control through OH).

The Onkyo App works still, though.

Any idea where to look for the issue?

Thank you!

Hi there,
Is your receiver on or off under Power management - Network Standby? If its state off then your receiver can’t get any command from your OH instance.

I hope, i does help.

Thank you! Unfortunately it is already on. The strange thing is, that the ONKYO App is able to switch it back on. I assume, that is also using the IP.

I gave up and added another onkyo thing. Apparently the channel declarations did all change due to the new setup. Not sure if that has to do with the CEC, but now that I changed it to the updated channel IDs, it works, again (the old thing was still shown as online, though. Deleted it)

Short update: same behaviour after a while. Deleting the Amazon Echo binding did the job…