Only a single archive in rrd4j is created. A bug?

it seems that rrd4j persistence is not able to create multiple archives as described in wiki (openhab 1.8.1):


Only the last line with archive directive is used by rrd4j - i.e. data are stored each five minutes. If I swap the lines, data are stored only each 30 minutes (6 * 300 seconds).

Is this a bug? Or a known, yet undocumented, limitation?

Here are the screenshots of RRD4J Inspector on one of the items:

Hi Derka,

I ran into the same issue and took a look into the sourcecode. It looks like the wiki has the wrong syntax for the archives. The config can handle only one archives entry per datastore. To create multiple archives you need to separate them with a : in your example it would be rrd4j:ctr5min.archives=AVERAGE,0.5,6,1200:AVERAGE,0.5,1,1200

@esdeboer: Thanks a lot for investigation, feedback and wiki update. It works as expected now.