Only blank page for Main-UI on older iPad 4

Hi there, I had an openhab 2 installation before, not that big one. Only some rollershuters and sensors. That worked fine for me and I had an older iPad as a dashboard on the wall with HABpanel.

Now, I would like to try out openhab 3 and installed this completely new from scratch via openhabian image and new SD card to my raspberry pi 3 model B+ acc. to documentation. Everything works fine and I can access the new main UI via my Windows PC, newer iPhone etc… Only the access via my older iPad (that I would like to put on a wall again) only shows a complete blank page. It is a iPad 4 with iOS 10.3.3 (no further update possible) and I have tried different browsers (Safari, Firefox, Kiosk Pro Plus…). Other simpler UI’s (basic UI, HABpanel) are accessible. Are there some special requirements for the main UI to access? What can I do to get my old iPad compatible? It would be fine, if someone has an idea.

Thanks in advance and regards, Peter

I am here with what appears to be the same problem. I have been using openHAB3 for at least six months. The Main-UI would show in any device, any OS (OSX, Linux, Windows, Android) and any browser. But now after updating to 3.2.0 the Main-UI loads as a blank page on an iPhone 5 running 10.3.4. I have tried Safari and Chrome. I have cleared caches. There is no sign of anything going wrong loading the Main-UI page. It is just blank. When displaying all the currently loaded web pages to switch between loaded sites the openHAB logo and openHAB shows up for that loaded webpage (Chrome). In Safari just openHAB shows at the top.

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